03 October 2009

Healthy Vegan Destination - The Stanford Inn by the Sea

Stanford Inn by the Sea

Comptche Ukiah Road
CA 95460


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Stanford Inn Exterior
We have been seeing ads for The Stanford Inn for as long as we've been subscribers to VegNews.  We could never tell if it was just some hippie fluke of a place or the real deal.  After a Dr. McDougall Advanced Study Weekend in Santa Rosa, the trip to Mendocino didn't seem so bad to find out.  Driving through wine country was a treat! Upon arriving we were warmly greeted at the reception with a fire crackling. The reception has a country lodge feel to it, with a nice gift shop filled with vegan books and goodies.

Without ever seeing pictures of the room we really had no idea what to expect wheeling our suitcases down the 6th grade camp looking exterior of the main guest quarters.  When the door to our room swung open we were instantly moved by the coziness.  Vegan chocolates on the organic cotton pillows, a fireplace in every room filled with wood and newspaper just awaiting your match, a terrace looking out to the Pacific Ocean and non toxic vegan shampoo, body wash and conditioner. Pure Heaven! 
Room Interior
   In the hotel handout you get when checking in there is a nice section dedicated to Dr. McDougall! Outside the room you have a 24x7 Pool inside a green house accompanied by a spa and sauna.  During the day you get bikes with your room that you can pick up at the canoe house and ride into the picturesque town of Mendocino.  Riding into town you feel like you're rushing to the see in the 1800s to see if your friends at sea have come back in. 

There are two organic grocery stores in Mendacino.

Plenty of random vegan options exist at the restaurants in Mendacino but our stand out favorite is the soy ice cream rootbeer float at
Frankie's IceCream
Each morning with your lodging you get a FREE breakfast of your choice at the Ravens Restaurant  http://www.ravensrestaurant.com
Plenty of healthy options along with decadent pleasures.  
The price for a  lovely evening will run you about $18 per entree but well worth it for a special occasion! 

I choose to go with the a healthy version of the  Falafel (chickpea falafel BAKED and served w/ arame polenta fries(no fries for me I requested steamed veggies), tahiti sauce and cucumber).
Lex decided to go with Sprouted Live Quinoa Wrap (Southwest spiced sprouted quinoa and cashew sour cream wrapped in garden romaine lettuce leaves and accompanied by a mango salsa and avocado) a rich dish indeed but no oil:) 
When you return to your room in the evening another special treat awaits you homemade Vegan chocolate chip cookies!  So TEMPTING... I was good and had only one oily bite:)  We then realized that we only booked one night on the off chance we wouldn't like it and immediately extended our stay :)  
Our only regret is that we didn't have all our friends along with us so next year its vegan retreat at the Sanford Inn.  Save your pennies ($238/nt for 2 people) and hit the rowing machine and bike so you're in shape for next summer!


Vegan Epicurean said...

The inn looks heavenly. You are making me wish I wasn't on the other coast.


Lex said...

Thanks Alicia! We are still learning blogger and sorry the pics are chopped, will fix in the morning!

quarrygirl said...

this is AMAZING!!!! i wanna go soooooo bad. wow, excellent review. i am gonna talk mr meaner into taking me here!

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait for next summer!

kim g. said...

I've wanted to go to this place for a while now. Your photos are beautiful and make it even more tempting!

Lindsay (Happy Herbivore) said...

oh man, I need to go there!

Nadja said...

Yes! Mendocino is near and dear to my heart, reason #1 is the food! It's so easy to be vegan in Mendocino. <3

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