What makes us healthy vegans?

A healthy vegan in a nutshell is a vegan who eats a low fat, whole foods, plant based diet with no added oils or fats and gets the majority of their calories from starches, such as rice, grains, potatoes, corn & beans.

Many people assume "carbs make you fat", but look at carb eating people around the world, especially Asians who consume more calories than Americans per day and most of them are from rice, yet they are trimmer and fitter.  Our bodies don't treat all calories equally.  Fat consumed is almost stored in its entirety for the next famine.  Protein is a building component, during infancy when we need the most protein we drink breast milk, which is 6% protein.  The average adult needs about 4%.  Protein is ACID, amino acids, and diets focused on protein result in bone minerals being dissolved away by the high acid load of a protein based diet. 

The majority of our bodies, including our BRAIN run on glycogen from carbs.  Adult bodies can only store two to four pounds of carbs, and we store it as glycogen (not fat) in our muscles, excess carbs are passed or burned off as heat.  It would take 6000 calories of sugar a day for 3 months to gain one pound of fat from carbs, where as one fat filled meal can leave you one pound heavier.

Follow us on our journey around the world for healthy eating habits and skills.  We don't settle and enjoy HACKING restaurant menus to create delightful healthy alternatives to the death and disease they commonly serve their customers.

If you are extremely overweight (as we both were) start by eating unprocessed foods.  That means no breads, baked goods, chips, even if they are no fat.  You want to eat potatoes, rice, and tons of veggies, steamed, boiled, baked or raw.  Season with your favorite spices and sauces provided there is no OIL and the sugar is low.  This will force your body to BURN fat because whole foods take time to turn to energy.

If you want to maintain a healthy figure and enjoy the finer things in life you can follow us along to fat free pizzas, sandwiches, soft service ice creams, potato & tortilla chips!   You won't gain weight, but these higher processed foods are INSTANTLY usable energy for your body, thus rendering your fat tank unneeded.  If you are highly active or just want to reward yourself for reaching weight-loss goals then everything we eat is on the table!

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