30 April 2010

Interim Cafe- When there's nothing on the menu, ask!

With the extreme amount of eating out we do, we encounter situations where is nothing we can hack together on the menu.  The result is usually a salad with vinegar or lemon/lime juice.  We ran into such a situation with friends a few weekends ago at Interim Cafe.  When we couldn't come up with anything we just asked the owner if he could throw together what ever didn't have oil on it.  He whipped us up a pretty decent salad.  While normally I consider this a failure it was really spicy and probably contained everything plant based he had in the kitchen.  I don't eat the avocado, but better than nothing and having to explain to friends that we need to go somewhere else!  Also, I believe the chocolate salvation there is passable.  I think its only hemp milk and raw coca. 

If you find yourself in the area, you can always hit up RFD or grab vegan whole grain sushi from the Whole Foods there.


Quarrygirl said...

Mmmmm I love the chocolate salvation!

Joe said...

Great looking food here!!

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