14 February 2011

Steamed rice and veggies

For dinner on the cheap, 2$ gets you steamed veggies and rice at Fresh East

That's the only thing that is healthy there from what I can tell despite their endless proclamations of health nonsense!


quarrygirl said...

love that place! i got a brown rice curry there that was so good. i had no idea you could just get rice and steamed vegetables. was that WHOLE THING $2?? or was it $2 for each?


Lex said...

I don't know what kind of crack they were smoking, but we got TWO steamed rice and steamed veggie plates & a melonade for $8.95 (plus free sorbet) I asked the guy ten times if he got everything. I'm guessing it should be like $2 for the veggies and $1 for the rice. Either way I don't think a cheaper more delicious lunch can be had in LA. It was a HUGE portion and they have plenty of sriracha and soy sauce.

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