27 February 2011

Turning side dishes into an entree!

reFollow Your Heart has been a mainstay/destination for us for years.  Its the only vegetarian grocery store in Southern California.  Their restaurant has an amazing selection of vegan food, but the healthy side dishes make for your best bet.
Healthy Potato Tacos (for two)
2 baked potatoes
1 side steamed veggies
1 side brown rice
1 side black beans
4 organic corn tortillas
1 side shredded lettuce
1 side salsa
Hot sauce
You now have a created your own taco buffet for two :)


Happy Herbivore said...

I love this post!!

Anonymous said...

Wait! That's not the only all veg grocery store in SoCal. Maybe LA, but San Diego has the OB Co-op and it's heaven in a box :-)

Lex said...

I didn't realize that the OB was all veg, its fantastic, I love the vegan food upstairs

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