16 August 2011

Microwave Brownie Flats - Fat-Free Zombie Crack

Recently our friends confided in us that they down a tube of vegan chocolate chip cookie dough each night and have put on unwanted weight.  We set out to create a recipe that is faster, easier and just as tasty, while being completely unfattening. 

These lessons on simple replacement of one bad habit for a lesser fat-free evil are so important to sticking to a healthy diet.  Winning a singular battle against fatty cookie dough means tens of pounds of unwanted weight are eradicated from your destiny.  From this simple victory you can tackle breakfast, lunch & dinner along with other snack foods and before you know it you'll have reversed your downward spiral to average Americana fast food sickness & obesity.

This recipe came about on a complete fluke.  Our "new" oven worked ONE TIME and we are awaiting parts from Italy...  We are stuck with our $89 Sharp microwave, which turned out to be the best purchase we ever made.  I did a simple youtube search for microwave cookies and the results picked up some brownie recipes.  On my next trip past a Trader Joes we swung in and grabbed the vegan brownie mix (its the gluten free one).  We had this cinnamon apple sauce in our earth quake supply room.  I don't know where it is from, but I suggest you find the exact same brand based on our fantastic outcome.

In a medium size mixing bowl empty one Santa Cruz individual apple sauce and pour in about a 1/4 cup of water and mix.  Add the entire bag of brown mix, hand mixing for a bit and adding a few drops of water along the way to get it to a thick fudgey consistency.  (don't add too much water, there should still be a smattering of power on the bowl here and there)

Tear off a square of parchment paper the size of your rotating microwave tray.  Dob nine spoon-fulls of brownie batter in a nice 3x3 pattern.  Transfer to the microwave and here is where the experimenting comes to play.  Depending on your altitude, microwave size, power, brownie dob size;  your cooking time will vary GREATLY.  We find that 1 minute 40 seconds makes the best brownies, but start with 1 minute and increase time for each batch until you can peal them off the parchment paper in one piece when they COOL DOWN.  The over cooked ones will come right off.  I actually enjoy those, but they can taste brunt.  You can always renuke any undercooked ones.

One bag of brown mix makes about 50 brownie flats so experiment away adding fruit toppings, etc.  They also taste great the next day if you keep them in the refrigerator.  Remember, these have no fat,  oil is what keeps baked goods artificially moist.  Oil is not moisture, its slimy grossness that pollutes your body.  These miraculous brownie flats are moist and chewy via WATER, natures ONLY moisturizer!  Eat while fresh!


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of cookies that we call "cow patties" here in Texas.
Looks yummy!

Unknown said...

me want cookies. nomnomnom

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