03 August 2011

Sweet Addiction, Vegan Fat-Free Soft Serve

There is a reason our tongues taste sweet, its our #1 source of fuel for our muscles, brains, organs, etc.  Without glycogen (sugar) we'd be dead.  Through the magic of world domination we've cultivated foods so sweet our brains are overloaded with stimulation and tattooed with positive feedback when we sample something as tooth decaying vegan soft serve ice-cream.

Despite endless bogus information to the contrary, sugar does not make you fat.  Not corn syrup, beet sugar, maple syrup, fruit sugar, etc.  What it does do is cause our bodies to store every calorie of fat we consume along with it.  If you ate nothing but sugar, it could take you as long as THREE MONTHS at 6000 calories a day to gain ONE POUND.  That's how inefficiently our bodies turn sugar to fat.  However, in ONE FAT SOAKED MEAL of 3500 calories you can gain ONE POUND (pizza/nachos/fried anything).  So to recap...  fat eaters can gain one pound in 5 minutes, sugar eaters doubling and even tripling the amount of calories they need would need MONTHS to even attempt to create a pound of fat on their bodies.

So what does this all mean for our dear friend refined sugar?  It means that if you have met your weight loss goals and are ACTIVE and eat an absurdly low amount of fat (no nuts/avocado/olives/oils/high fat beans)  you can enjoy refined sugar products.  However, if you are trying to loose weight note that one bite of this creamy treat means zero fat loss probably for the rest of the day and possibly some fat gain if you are eating anything off the plan along with it.  Your body must use up nearly every drop of these instant fuel refined sugar calories before it can tap into its fat reserves. 

If you are prepared for the temptation and understand the rules of the healthy vegan game, here it is!  Vegan Fat Free Soft Serve via Chicago Soy Dairy.

Beet Sugar (Vegan), corn maltodextrin, soymilk powder, Fair Trade Certified(TM) cocoa powder, guar gum, xanthan gum, salt.
Beet Sugar (Vegan) , corn maltodextrin, soymilk powder, natural vanilla extract, guar gum, xanthan gum, salt.
 You can sample this locally at Cafe Rivva http://www.rivva.com/ in Brentwood from 9am to 9pm
11677 San Vicente Blvd Ste 300, Los Angeles, CA 90049
Or see if somewhere in your town carries it here; http://chicagosoydairy.com/where_to_buy/temptation_vegan_soft_serve/
Ride your bike there!
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