22 February 2012

Going Back to the Basics @ Real Food Daily

Real Food Daily

514 Santa Monica Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA  90401 

(310) 451-7544  

Hours: 11:30- 10pm Daily

Real Food Daily is one of LA's oldest Vegan establishments and the 1st all VEGAN restaurant Lex & I ever indulged in together.  It was still my top place to go up until recently when I found out all my favorite dishes where drowning in OIL :-C  Which leaves me to THE BASICS ~~Basic Two 7.95 • Basic Three 9.95 • Basic Four 11.95 • Basic Five 13.95

At first I rebelled against the basics, trying desperately to get something reminiscent of the amazing menu items, such as the beet burger with the works, but an obscene amount of oil in each one (1TBSP+fat from cheese and fried tempeh bacon) led me to rekindle my relationship with the Basics.  For under $10 I enjoy greens of the day, beans of the day and grains of the day with bottomless hot sauce :)  To liven it up I ask for a side of corn tortillas and make a little healthy taco.  You can't beat the quality for the price.
 That's steamed Greens, Quinoa and Millet & Black Beans with corn tortillas and a good beer not deliberately hiding behind the hot sauce!

There is also a West Hollywood location (filled with celebs!) and another soon to be open at LAX.

Sometimes simple is perfect!

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quarrygirl said...

they're opening one up soon in pasadena, too!

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