11 March 2012

Design and Roll Sushi U Sushi

You Design, they roll!! I can't tell you how many Sushi parlors have SCOFFED at my request for custom Veggie rolls. In Japan I had trouble getting even a single cucumber roll. Some sushi chefs treat it as an insult since they've gone to such trouble to get daily uneco rare fresh fish parts via fedex from all parts of the world. U Sushi uses machines, we're not talking quality or art, its the Subway Sandwich of Sushi. Everyone reading this blog knows to skip the fish. The $6 Veggie rolls are huge, more like burritos and you get to choose four veggie fillings, white or brown rice, seaweed or soy paper. With fillings like jalapenos, blanched spinach, cilantro, sprouts, carrot, cucumber, asparagus, pickled radish & mango you can make endless creations.
No, these sushi machines don't replace real sushi artists, but U Sushi is on par with grocery store sushi and you get to pick what's in it!  No poking out fatty bits of avocado with your chopsticks any more. 

U Sushi
168 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills
(310) 777-7655

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