02 April 2012

The Green Temple, Redondo Beach

The Green Temple
1700 South Catalina Avenue # 103
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Another episode of healthy eating out with The Healthy Vegans!  Funny story, back when I was a fat vegan I walked into Green Temple, looked at the menu (beans, rice, lettuce, etc) and decided it was too healthy for me :)  many years later I finally sought to remedy that misguided day and now The Green Temple is my new favorite restaurant!  
The Green Temple has that 1970s good karma vibe type of vegetarian restaurant.  It has indoor and outdoor seating (I believe you can call ahead and reserve a table, which on a cold windy day might be a good idea).  They have heat lamps for their outdoor seating, too.
I started with the vegan soup of the day (no oil!), which was an Italian minestrone.  (note the bread contains honey, check the menu and ask)
Savory Wrapped 10-inch organic sprouted wheat tortilla filled with organic rice, organic beans (black turtle or pinto), garden mix vegetables and salsa. Topped with organic tofu sauce. $11.00 $8.50 (Jr. portion) The tofu sauce contains safflower oil, so order with the enchilada sauce instead (its amazing!)  I ordered the junior size, which was perfectly filling with the soup.
I'm so sorry Green Temple for missing out on you all these years!  It was definitely my loss.  The staff is so helpful and kind!  You won't find a better vegetarian restaurant.

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