03 August 2012

Chicago Diner - Healthy Grub @ a Vegan Diner

Chicago Diner had long been our mecca for gluttony in our previous midwest hometown of St.louis's barren veganless wasteland (STL has since come a long way).  When ever our vegan isolation meter hit its peak we'd hop in the car for a weekend in Chicago and most specifically Chicago Diner.  Chicago Diner is so amazing it even warranted an expensive cab ride from the airport during a layover a few years ago.  On a recent Healthy Vegan trip to Chicago we wondering if our old haunt could support our healthy demands and it passed with flying colors!

Avocado Tostadas $10.99 Fat Free Black Beans, seasoned quinoa, grilled onions and peppers, lettuce, tomato, avocado slices on corn tortillas with chimichurri, a cilantro based Argentinean salsa.
Order Hack - "Plain quinoa instead of seasoned (no oil), steamed veggies instead of grilled onions and peppers, no avocado, hot sauce instead of chimichurri.  please make sure there is no oil on anything."

We kicked it up with a side of steamed broccoli we split between the two of us.

AMAZING & COMPLETELY DELICIOUS!  They were out of corn tortillas, but the spinach flour tortilla (while it probably had oil), wasn't too bad considering the awesomeness of this meal.  Chicago Diner gets major healthy vegan points for doing such a great job, having such high quality plant based healthy options, and preparing and serving it all so delightfully, they were happy to help!  You can't beat midwestern hospitality!  We had the greatest time eating healthy in Chicago and we're happy to say we will continue to look forward to going to the Chicago Diner when we're in Chicago!  

Chicago Diner
3411 N. Halsted, Chicago IL
 ph 773-935-6696
Meat Free Since 83'

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