17 August 2012

Craig's on Melrose, high end vegan dining options in Los Angeles

Our fancy summer house guest was busy sampling the Hollywood high life and stumbled upon Craig's on Melrose a fine dining establishment of the rich, famous and fabulous. She was quite surprised that such a stuffy place had such an ample vegan selection clearly marked on their menu.   A quick chat with the chef and she passed along to us that oil-free dining was not only possible, but they would be delighted to accommodate our crowd.

We had trouble convincing our vegan friends to come along for $24 healthy vegan menu items and thought we'd never make it alone, then we noticed fellow healthy vegan Kathy Freston tweeted a vegan meal from Craigs and we knew we had to go asap!
One trick to skipping the fancy rigameroll of five star dining is opting to eat at the bar. We quickly evaded the reservation line and snagged seats front and center. Now the wonderful thing about high end dining is high end service. We asked the bar tender if he could ask the chef what vegan items they could do w/o oil. The chef appeared and gave us our options in person :)
 Spaghetti Squash Primavera $26 (-oily marinara)
Believe it or not I have never had spaghetti squash and I couldn't wait to try it, but with nothing to compare it to I wondered if the spaghetti squash was wonderful on its own or the chef was a miracle worker with such a strange vegetable.
Vegan Pizza $18 (-daiya - sauce -oil base)

Kristin opted for a flat bread (the bread has a little oil in it), but you can tell there is no oil on the base since it was burnt a little!

Craig's on Melrose
8826 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood CA 90069 USA (310) 276.1900
Open Nightly from 5pm | Dinner Monday-Saturday: Until 11:30 Bar Open Until 12:30 Sunday Dinner: Until 11:30 Bar Open Until Midnight

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