08 November 2012

Quick oil-free no-fat tater tots

I always grab a few bags of Whole Foods 365 Hashbrowns on my trips to the grocery store ($1.99).  I'm always disappointed in the rest of the murdered potato selection of oil laden fries and tots.  I finally came up with a super quick way to turn fat-free hashbrowns into tater tots.

All you need is an ice cube tray :)

  • Let your hashbrows thaw for a few minutes (break them up with a few fist blows to the bag). 
  • Shake them out over an ice cube tray (one that is tater tot size and hard plastic).
  • Press them down firmly so they compress neatly into the cubes.  (if still too frozen they won't press, wait longer)
  • Turn over and SLAM down on some parchment paper so they slide out.  (if they didn't retain their shape they were either too frozen or too thawed) 

Bake @ about 400 for 20mins but keep and eye on them they make cooker quicker or slower!
BOOM!  You've got tasty tots! 

Notice the ice cube shapes :)  

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