22 June 2013

Oasis Zero Fat Whole Food Hummus now in Los Angeles!

Oasis Hummus Hits Whole Foods Los Angeles!

Here is the healthiest vegan of all handing out free samples of Oasis Hummus at Whole Foods on Montana Ave in Santa Monica today.  She sold the store out of Hummus, Pretzel Chips and Woven Wheats.  I had to run to a neighboring Whole Foods to buy more and cleaned them out, too!  People can't resist trying all the flavors!

We'll be doing more demos at Whole Foods around Los Angeles!  After 6 years of lobbying Whole Foods to carry the best hummus in the world we finally won, now we just need to get everyone as addicted as we are so they keep it.

This hummus just destroys all the store bought hummus and anything you can make in your own kitchen.  I've been to Oasis in Toledo, OH and witnessed the process.  This is NOT machine made hummus NOR are the chic peas from a gross can.  These are the best of the best freshest Chic Peas grown in the USA.  If there was a chic pea beauty pageant, these would win 1st prize, while Canned chic peas are soaked in a brine and their flavor just deteriorates into a mushy last place.

Even though this hummus comes in a package, its hand made by the sweetest ladies in the Ohio kitchen using old world techniques and tons of love.  Only the last step involves a measuring device that seals the final product into the packaging.  The Oasis family brought hummus to this country decades ago and continued to make it for their local community, but you can't keep quality to yourself for long!  Come taste the difference and help us keep this gourmet product on the shelves so healthy eaters here in Southern California can enjoy the best hummus in the world!  

Simple ingredients, no added fat, low carbon footprint*, no preservatives or additives, whole foods, make this the best hummus for you and the planet!

*Since Oasis Zero Fat has no Sesame Fat we eliminate 1000s of miles of shipping.  Sesame is mainly grown in China and India with no location production in the USA according to Wikipedia!  By centralizing the production of Hummus we eliminate wasted repetitive production resources in each town and leave the Hummus making to the original experts! 

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