15 February 2015

A Healthy Vegan Valentine Tea Party

Presentation & Simplicity make for a lovely Tea Party. 
Healthy Heart Hummus & Cucumber Sandwiches.

Use cookie cutters to cut out the bread.  We used an organic sour dough from Whole Foods, which is problematic because of all the air holes you have to work around, but it has a superior texture.
You can vary your ingredients, but we used Root's Oil-Free Hummus & micro plane cut cucumbers layered on each side with Hummus & Asian MicroGreens & a cut cherry tomato on top.  

Simple & Delicious.  Low-Fat Cupcakes & our favorite other Tea Party treats Coming Soon!


Alison said...

How is that Root's oil-free hummus? The Whole Foods near me stopped stocking Oasis, so I switched to Engine 2, but I'm not crazy about it.

Lex said...

The Roots is really delish, but it has Tahini (same as Engine 2) so its a little fattening, but Engine 2 tastes like wall paper paste & Roots tastes AMAZING! We love Oasis, too, just are burnt out on it.

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