29 September 2009

Healthy Vegan Pardise ~ A Votre Sante

A Votre Sante
13016 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049
It's hands down my favorite and healthiest vegan friendly place to eat at in all of LA. I love them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! BEST of all, a large amount of their menu items can be made Oil FREE. 

My daily ritual is to stop in to enjoy a delicious cup of oil free vegan soup. They make 2 different vegan soups FRESH everyday!! (w/o oily corn muffins)

Split pea & Sweet Potato Soup ...YUM! 

The entrees are HUGE and definitely fulfilling for two. Lex and I usually order a one of each soups (cup or bowl depending on our hunger level) and split one of the fabulous oil free entrees.  My absolute favorites are the Vegetarian Burrito and T&T.
VEGETARIAN BURRITO (Whole wheat tortilla, organic brown rice, salsa, tahini, black bean chili, carrot sauce, mixed green) (forgot to order w/o chips)
T & T (Tofu, corn tortilla, mushrooms, veggie chili, carrot sauce, brown rice, black beans, salsa).

I seriously would be happy eating those every single day...just that GOOD:) Don't miss out on the great oil free brown rice pastas, vegan steamed veggie bowls, and salads with Fat Free cilantro dressing. Plus, if you've been extra good you MUST indulge in their scrumptious low-fat vegan desserts! Breakfast is also a wonderful treat after a long morning walk or jog down San Vicente. I usually go with the Veggie Tofu Scramble with toast and a fruit sweeten lemonade. *Watch out those Breakfast Potatoes are NOT oil free!! You can order them w/o oil but they take forever and rarely come out fully cooked. They also, have two vegan corn pancakes which contain a small about of oil:-(

The Atmosphere is calm, casual, and clean. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. Plus I guarantee you'll have a celeb sighting..lol:D

Time and Time again A Votre Sante NEVER disappoints! ... aside from when I get lured into devouring one of the little oily corn muffins w/ my vegan oil free soup and wake up with a zit on my chin the next day...yikes:P

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Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

I haven't been to A Votre Sante in probably 10 years, but Lex convinced me Saturday that I have to try it again. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then...

This is now high on my list. We'll have to go together one time!

Lex said...

Yes, ANY TIME we live right down the street and go like 4 times a week so just holler when you're in the neighborhood or lets plan something out!

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