22 September 2009

Welcome to The Healthy Vegans

Over the past year and a half we have gone from "McDougaller's" (see drmcdougall.com) to Los Angeles super vegan food finders (see vegan-la.com) to over weight vegans in the span of only 5 months and then back to lower fat vegans and finally full circle to McDougallers for life.

What it means to be a McDougaller is that you eat a low fat starch (beans, rice, grains, potatoes) based diet with no added oils. We're not here to argue the starch diet or health info, you can do that over at the Dr. McDougall forums with real nutritionists and Dr. McDougall himself. We have learned it all first hand and live the results. We are now leading by example and through this blog letting people know that the low fat vegan lifestyle can be exciting, flavorful and a total Vegan Foodie Adventure, too.

So what do I know about Vegan Food? Well follow this blog and you will see. According to the owners of Happycow.net I have written more restaurant reviews than anyone else on the planet (around 500) You can view my profile here Gr8Vegan I've eaten every manner of Vegan food there is and stay on top of all the latest vegan vices. I don't miss a thing, in fact I have a whole lot more to look forward to!

We find healthy vegan food on the go, and set a goal of no more than 15 minutes total kitchen time for our prepared meals. Finally, we do our best to keep it real and include receipts so you know what you're in for with each meal.

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