21 October 2009

NO Muffin Toppin' w/ Krystine Crowell's Muffins

For some grab & go low fat goodies hit up the Santa Monica Co-op for some Krystine's Bakery Muffins!
The muffins are located in the short isle left of deli right below my favorite lower fat Michelle Cookies.  Most of Krystine's Crowell's Healthy Gourmet Bakery muffins ($2.39) are Low Fat, Vegan, & Oil Free (check label).  Beware: the chocolate peanut butter or raspberry/ blueberry bunt cakes... vegan fat kid treats:-D   In some of her low fat muffins there are traces of canola oil but I'm lead to believe it's a insignificant amount.  She mostly uses applesauce, bananas, and tofu as a fat re- placer.  
My absolute favorite is the Corn Muffin!!  It's perfectly textured with a tad bit of sweetness.  I usually enjoy it with a tall glass of non-fat soy milk or a big bowl of veggie soup:)  I'm also a fan of the low fat fruit and 98% fat free bran muffins, I wish they came in more flavors besides blueberry and nasty mushy peach on top..haha!!  for real


Lex said...

Definitely great choices, but not an every day treat, as they are highly refined for anyone interested in weight loss.

quarrygirl said...

wow, you are so lucky to live by the co-op! i have only been there twice and there were so many goodies.

on a side note, i wish i could find vegan naan in hollywood. :(

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