22 October 2009

Getting SKINNY @ Fatty's:-)


1627 Colorado Blvd.

Eagle Rock, CA  90o41 

(323) 254-8804  

Hours: 6 - 10pm (Su 5 - 9pm closed Mon & Tue)

 Fatty's is hands down one of the BEST vegetarian restaurants in LA!  Even the ambiance is a step above the rest and would fool any meat eater into thinking it was what they call "a real restaurant" lol :-D  They have white xmas lights strewn through the exposed wood beams in the ceiling which makes a great setting for an elegant evening.  It's the perfect place for a romantic date or to alter the vegan mindset of your parents.   Fatty's also has a extremely impressive all VEGAN wine list.  We were in a sweet mood and choose Kung fu Girl Riesling which was excellent, light on our pockets too!  
Although Fatty's specializes in fattie veggie goodness they graciously catered to our special NO OIL request without advance notice.  Yeah Yeah a simply boring veggie plate (Farmer Market Salad)...I KNOW:-(  But they really did it RIGHT!  The veggie were soooo grandly presented with amazing flavor and freshness.  I do wish they would have added a more filling grain (cous cous, orzo, wild rice, ect) to the dish because it left  us kinda hungry.  I've always wanted to try their homemade maple syrup cotton candy and since our visit was a special occasion we when for it...AWESOME!!  It tasted much more wholesome than that old school fair crack rock.  The maple melted so perfectly in my mouth, I can still taste it now:P  I think the best time to hit up Fatty's is for a lovely quite Sunday dining...usually slow Sunday but other nights make a reservations.


Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

Fatty's is high on my list of restaurants to try. I'm glad they know how to prepare a healthy meal in addition to the rich fare. Yum!

Anonymous said...

That veggie plate (Farmers Market salad is what I believe they call it) is awesome! You missed out not getting the "Fudgie"!

quarrygirl said...


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