10 October 2009

Twice Baked Falafel

Twice Baked Falafel

Deliciously Oil Free goodness!! 

 Twice Baked Falafel (c) what the heck is that you say???  A folly of sorts that ended up fabulous. 
After traveling Europe and running into one fried falafel ball after another that we had to pass on (aside from a drunken night in London at an none too sanitary late night falafel cart) we couldn't wait to be back in a kitchen to prepare our favorite baked falafel.  Unfortunately, the solar powered vacation rental we choose had rudimentary cooking supplies and ours are buried unlabeled in our storage locker until we find permanent housing.  Too make a long story short, a little too much water in the mix combined with a rack instead of a tray to bake them on resulted in what looked like falafel stalactites.  Keen to rectify the situation Lex rescued the crisped batter from the racks and began making balls out of it, crunchy parts mixed inside, sloppy parts outside and ready for round two in the oven.  These Twice Baked Falafels(c) turned out so incredibly good we're copyrighting the term!  (j/k)

                         Santa Monica Co-op's Ingredients
~ Garlic Powder
~ Onion Powder
~Vegan Naan
~Low Fat No Oil Hummus
~Green Beans
~Cherry Tomatos
~Chic Peas
~Near East Cous Cous

*The Vegan Naan is a new item at our Co-Op (Santa Monica CoOpportunity)

* Prep Time :  15 mins  Just follow the instructions on the back of the falafel mix, we used powered garlic and onion because its what we had on hand, fresh would work better.  Make little falafel burgers and soon as the falafel gets crispy in the oven take it out and LET IT COOL so you can handle mashing the patties into balls and rebake until crispy on the outside.  Crunchy goodness!


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

What a gorgeous meal. I love falafel- I must try your twice baked version!

Vegiegail said...

Baked falafel? (Never mind once, but twice!?!) Who would have thought it possible? I am SOOOO gonna make these! Thank you!

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

Sometimes the best meals are the result of happy accidents!

Lex said...

wow that new pic with the 3 falafels on top of the cous cous makes me HUNGRY!

quarrygirl said...

i just got some fantastic brand falafel mix at the store and when i got home, i realized the ONLY cooking method on the instructions is to fry it! UGH.

i am gonna try to bake it anyways, so i thought i would ask you for some tips. how long did you bake it for, and at what temp? :)

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