26 March 2010

Menu Hacking Mani's

Most people will think of Mani's as TOO healthy.  They pride themselves in the use of alternative sweeteners, which give their fatty baked goods a different taste and knock to your blood sugar.  Healthy Vegans know sugar is just guilty by association and the real culprits of bad health are fats & animal products.  All that being said we were able to hack out our BEST menu score yet!

We scoured the menu looking at all the components in every Vegan or Vegan Option item on the menu.  We zeroed in on the New Mayan Wrap.  It comes stock with Black Bean Hummus (has oil), Mango, Cucumber, Tomato, Mixed Greens & Marinated Tofu (fatty).  Using our tried and true substitution routine we subbed black beans for the hummus & pico de gallo for the tofu.  Despite what the menu says you get a side as well, we choose the steamed spinach.  Add a few dashes of hot sauce and cram the steamed spinach into the wrap and we were in HEAVEN & at only $10 each!  Kristin can't stay away from the Strawberry Mint Lemonade.  They use some strange fruit reduction in it, though, which makes it too sweet for me!


quarrygirl said...

ooooh i am gonna try this. i love seeing what you guys can get away with w/ your substitutions.

Lex said...

Thanks! that one is seriously good. Next time I'm going to ask them if they can just roll the steamed spinach into the wrap.

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