04 April 2010

Healthy Vegan Destation ~ Slice of Life

Slice of Life
6970 McKinley Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472-3420
(707) 829-6627

If I owned a small airplane I'd probably fly to Sebastopol (45mins north of San Fran) once a week for fat free french fries, fat free pizza, low fat burritos and a carob date shake.  Below my friends are fat free sweet potato fries.  Completely healthy.  If you were stranded on a desert island you could live a long healthy life with no deficiencies on these fries.  If every restaurant in the USA served these fries instead of fried fries obesity would probably vanish.  Feast your eyes on the cure to our health care crisis.

Slice of Life also WOWs us with their fat free pizza.  

You can buy it by the SLICE there, too.  I can't contain myself when it comes to veggie pizza on a WHOLE GRAIN crust.  NO GUILT, all AWESOMENESS.  

How about a low fat Carob Date shake?  Not for those trying to loose weight, but for those of who've been Fat Free Vegans for a long time we can ride the sugar snake from time to time.  I probably scraped off about 90% of that guacamole, but the burrito is amazing and filled with tons of goodness and its HUGE.  
Despite having cheese on the menu (vegetarian cafe) the fat free and low fat items are clearly marked.  Slice of Life is probably my favorite restaurant in the world!  

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Gauri Radha said...

Hi Lex!

That carob-date shake looks good.

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