25 April 2010

Healthy Vegan Dinner Party (and we were the guests!)

Now I don't want everyone to get too jealous or mad at their friends.  We happen to be very blessed with particularly cool vegan friends who are extremely compassionate enough to hook us up with a healthy vegan meal.  It's not every day you get invited over for dinner and 100% of the food is oil free vegan!  I won't name names but feast your eyes on this spread we had awaiting for us last Sunday night when we were treated to an amazing meal.

Below you have a home made lentil soup, oil free broiled veggies, steamed brown rice & salad with lime juice & braggs.   How did our friend put this all together?  We have no clue and are still astonished!

Now here we go and add some healthy sin to the above amazing dinner with Whole Foods Health Starts here low fat vegan cookies and fresh organic fruit.

Thank you thank you thank you again to our wonderfully thoughtful friend!


bodyhacker said...

The dinner sounds amazing - would love to know how they made the lentil soup. If you happen to get the recipe please let us know.

Also your dessert look delicious too! Love the idea of putting the fruit in the middle of the cookie.

Thanks for sharing and look forward to reading more! :-)

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

I was bummed I had to miss that feast, but I'm hoping there will be a second such dinner party (and a third...and a fourth...). :)

Lex said...

We miss you! Can't wait to get the dinner party schedule kicked into full gear once we have a working kitchen, too!

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