09 April 2010


131 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 936-9353

Inaka was one of the first restaurants I ventured out to on my own when I first moved to Los Angeles.  The overwhelming smell of fish (large component of the menu) kept me away all this time.  However, I never forgot the sumptuous macro bowl filled with all sorts of healthy goodies.  Determined to try something out of  the ordinary, I planned ahead and Kristin and I arrived early to be the first customers for the evening, allowing us to work with our server to get oil free items and avoid fishy stench.  We lucked out and the soup of the night was oil free.  It was some sort of black bean, and it was AMAZING.
For the Macro Bowl or Plate we just asked them to leave off anything with oil.  Everything is steamed to perfection.  Inaka is a tad on the expensive side, but well worth it as the portions are LARGE & FILLING.  Parking is a bit of a trick on North La Brea, so bring meter $ and arrive at the start of dinner.
In addition to the amazing macro bowl above the service at Inaka is likewise delightful.  I highly recommend a trip to Inaka for healthy vegans!  It really is an experience in itself.  Also, there are vegan desserts, but I didn't press them on the ingredients, I try to limit my inquisition to one menu item per visit :)


Anonymous said...

Looks good!

And I must investigate these vegan desserts one day!!

(Gauri Radha here by the way. Hehe.)

quarrygirl said...

i only went to inaka once and it was awesome! it really needed hot sauce, though.

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