09 April 2010

Vega Deli (St. Louis, MO)

Vega Deli
177 Hillltown Village Center
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Kristin and my last straw for leaving St.Louis was when the only vegan restaurant "Eternity" shut down.  Talk about ironic...  Little less than a year after turning into fat vegan pigs on the insane amount of delicious vegan junk food around Los Angeles, Vega Deli opened its doors in the outskirts of St.louis.  Vega Deli's owner does not use oil in most dishes and is fond of the Engine 2 diet.  Its our goto spot when we're back for holidays and occasions.
The burgers and sides are delicious, small portioned, but inexpensive.
Some tasty yams!
 Its so wonderful to be on a healthy diet/lifestyle that we can eat UNLIMITED amounts of food and it all be this delicious!  Veganism shouldn't be all about donuts & fried bits, the crack we were eating when we filled out our http://www.vegan-la.com forum.  I look at the photos of the garbage I used to put in my body and just have to laugh at myself.  Being vegan isn't about just taking the SAD (standard american diet) and replacing meat with soy/seitan, cheese with soy/daiya, etc.  Being Vegan means awaking to the horrors of not only how animals are being treated, but how we are treating our own bodies. 
UPDATE!! Vega Deli has a new owner...


morpheus said...

I totally agree with you. Veganism shouldn't be about replacing junk food, it is about discovery the wonders of a plant based diet, free of oils and unhealthy ingredients that are common in the SAD.

Unknown said...

i love that pic of you guys!

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