11 April 2010

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain is the reason we did not starve on our back packing trip through Europe.  We could always count on them for breakfast and lunch in nearly every country.  We even ate at one in Australia!  They are a Belgium company and there are a dozen Los Angeles locations.

     The concept is very Belgium, which consists of a large community table and baskets of bread.  We actually ate at a few Le Pains while we were in Belgium and the locals gather around the community tables in the morning and read the morning paper and chat with one another.  While we don't see so much of that happening here, its still one of the best places for a healthy breakfast in all of the world.

     Lately we've been addicted to their porridges, oatmeal and the famous Riz au Lait.

  All items on the menu that are vegan are denoted with a tiny picture of a carrot.  (not in every country, though).  The tartines are particular popular, too.  There are numerous vegan baked goods as well, but we focus on the low fat goodness.  The grains they use are the freshest I've ever had.  The oats in the oatmeal burst with each bite.  During the trip that produced these photos the people behind me were actually speaking French, I could have closed my eyes and been back in Europe!

The Riz Au Lait, is devine.  Its rice, agave and soy milk.  We also can't resist their mint lemonade.  Be on the look out for special vegan porridges, as well!


Anonymous said...

I love love love Le Pain but never get there since it's so far from my house. That riz au lait--is like rice pudding? It looks awesome!

Lex said...

There are like 12 Le Pain locations and growing in LA so double check, one might pop up in your back yard! Its more like, just rice and soymilk. Its not really blended or anything, whole grain goodness!

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