12 September 2010


Lex and I are in the middle of a overwhelming historical house restoration..meaning I've been forced out of a kitchen and left with just a toaster for months:(( ..hint why there hasn't been any recent post.  
We have been staying pretty healthy during this time.  Here's a example of our daily menu: 
Breakfast- whole grain low-fat/sugar cereal w/ Non-fat Westsoy milk
Lunch- Whole Foods Oil-free Grain Shaker or on Wed. Special $5.99 per lbs Salad Bar!!
Dinner- FRESHII, our new fav CHEAP healthy eating chain (will post pics soon)

~ ZenSoy Chocolate, Vanilla, or Mixed Pudding
~ Whole Grain Bread
~ Organic Fruit of your choice



When you're on the go it can be quite challenging to find healthy yet satisfying treats.  Especially when we're constantly bombarded with pre-packaged goodies and tempting vegan bakery items!!  I don't know about you but me personality feels abosouley deprived and depressed after seeing those.  So why be sad, give into your sweet tooth but in healthier way! 

**Grab a 4 pack of Zensoy puddings and a roll, dip the roll into the pudding, close your eyes, and imagine you're indulging into the most decadent slice of vegan chocolate cake!!  Heck it taste just as good if not better, minus the guilt of course!!

Okay, I realize a SUGAR sandwich isn't the role model of great health but is sure beats picking up a fatty vegan cookie/ cake!!!  ...plus it satisfies all the same craving for a sweet, rich, & delicious treat.  
**Actually this little party sandwich trick help my sis Jnet cut all the fatty goodies out of her diet and contributed to her loss of 30 lbs!!  ..along w/ following The Healthy Vegan low-fat diet and using her vegan hiking boots.


Unknown said...

i love this shit!!!

quarrygirl said...

i am soooooooo anxious to see your review of freshii!!! i have been wanting to try that place, and they are opening one in hollywood soon!

the party sandwich looks great too. :D

hope you get out of renovation hell ASAP. it will all be worth it in the end when you have the beautiful house of your dreams!

Angela said...

I frigging love the chocolate zensoy pudding. I am in heaven with each container!! Lol. This reminds me of when I used to spread nutella on bread. Probably even tastes better with this pudding! Trying tomorrow! (I swear you're going to fatten me up with these posts!!) hehe

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

That strawberries and chocolate thing looks very appetizing!!

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