03 October 2010

Whole Food's Custom Veggie Sandwich

Whole Food's Custom Veggie Sandwiches

Whole Food's Kitchen has become our kitchen during this home restoration.  Bummer because they hardly cater to The Healthy Vegans, besides the very unfrequent and random "Health Starts Here" or "Oil Free" prepared options... mostly ruined with fatty nuts:)  Until I finally opened my eyes and looked beyond the prepared Vegan sandwich menu and finally noticed the CUSTOM VEGGIE Sandwich!!

1. Choose your Bread
~Vegan Sliced Sourdough or Whole Wheat
~Vegan Whole Wheat Square
~Vegan Ciabatta
~Vegan French
2. Choose your Oil Free Veggies
~Banana Pepers
-Artichokes (surplus +1.00)

3. Spice it up
~Spicy mustard
~Dijon mustard
~Yellow mustard
~Balsamic Vinegar

~panini presses are just FUN!!

$5.69 not too bad for a Organic Oil Free Veggie Sandwich:)


Angela said...

Wow, that is pretty awesome for the price.. gotta try it now! Never even knew they had their own sandwich place and I have been there so many times.. lol

Unknown said...

Sometimes I just want to press everything in a panini press !!! makes it tastes so much better, even if it is just an old boot (:

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

I often buy custom vegan sandwiches from WF!!

They save the day when you don't have time for anything else. Delicious :)

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