31 December 2010

Fat Free Hummus in the Grocery store!!! FINALLY!!!

I haven't looked around Los Angeles for Cedar's new NO OIL Fat free hummus, yet, but I ate nearly 4 or 5 tubs of it while discovering it in Florida Whole Foods over the xmas holiday!  Its fantastic on pretzels, bread, in cucumber sandwiches.  Its a simple blend of chic peas, lemon juice and spices.  I was only able to find original and red pepper flavors, the red pepper is the best!  Keep your eyes out and email Cedars to start distributing these in your area!



quarrygirl said...

does the new stuff have any special labeling on it?

i went to whole foods in west hollywood today and found lots of cedar's hummus...but it all had either oil or tahini in it. none of it was under 20%. :(

hope this stuff comes to LA soon.

Lex said...

I know we've been looking for it like mad. I'll contact Cedar's today and see when and also ask Whole Foods to contact them. The packages say NO FAT, NO OIL on them and are visibly different from the regular brands.

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