18 December 2010

Healthy Granola from Galaxy Granola "Fruit Not FatTM"

I stumbled upon Galaxy Granola while playing my favorite game in the grocery store called label liars (you look at a label and if it says low fat, healthy, etc you guess if they are full of it or not and then read the label).

I guessed wrong!  Seriously, minus the honey in some of these you would think that I owned the company from how closely their rhetoric matches mine.

" Seriously, 70% less fat *
than our competitors. It's astounding
what happens when you bake
in fruit (like applesauce) instead of
fatty oils. We're using granola to pioneer
a baked-in-fruit movement
Think about it.
Cupcakes would become guilt free.
Cookies might just become healthy eating.
The possibilities are endless."
 That's the healthy vegan manifesto right there from http://www.galaxygranola.com/our_granola.html  
Most granola's are fatty shit bombs of M&M's, Oils, Chocolate chips, and nuts, which provide crap nitrogen loading fat energy and mostly store on your ass.  Galaxy Granola is packed with CARBS, the fuel your muscles and brain actually use to get you from A to B when you're not in a state of famine and have to resort to toxic fat and protein burn (aka people on the Standard American or vegan Diet).  Yes fried tofu and earth balance is no better than a quarter pounder with cheese, and in most cases packs more calories per gram than the crappiest of dead animal fast food.
 In addition to Not Sweet Vanilla there is Maple Pecan with Quinoa that doesn't have honey in it either.  Even with pecans, its only 15% fat by calories.  
You can find these at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Erewhon and Nature Mart in the Los Angeles area.  Everyone else -> http://www.galaxygranola.com/find_store.html 

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