10 January 2011

Making South Florida Healthy over the Holidays.

Well, we hacked, Sublime, Darbster, Mellow Mushroom, dined at the Fountaine Bleau.  Discovered Joe's Oat Patties.  We made it through an entire week with family and friends and fed everyone healthy vegan food.

 25 S.E 6th Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483
(561) 330-3040

Mellow Mushroom's Pizza has oil in the sauce so we just load it with veggies w/o sauce and dump a little balsamic on top with crushed red pepper.
1431 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 615-1431
Sublime was a little bitchy with us and refused to make alterations to any dishes so we hacked around them by pulling a mellow mushroom and dumping a salad on top.  

4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 538-2000
The Fontainbleau was by far the best food we had in all of FL.  It was a simple baked potato cooked to perfection with a salty skin just like we do it at home and a bed of steamed veggies.  Cheapest thing on the menu, too!

8020 South Dixie Highway
 West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
(561) 586-2622
Initially we failed at Darbster, due to the pre-prepared nature of their foods, but went back a second time to indulge our family and had a stroke of genius menu hacking and threw together this apple dijon mustard salad sandwich, which was freak'n phenomenal!  They think we're crazy, but everyone else was grossed out by how fatty their food was and wished they'd order like us!


quarrygirl said...

that pizza looks so freaking good. sad that sublime wouldn't cooperate with you...their food is so good, and i'm sure if they tried they could make something healthy and delicious.

Unknown said...

I wish i could eat every meal with the menu hackers!

Nancy G said...

wish i could eat out like that! oh, I looked up those Joe's Oat Patties and the funny thing is that they come from the town that my daughter lives in! May order some when I get back from our next trip.

Lex said...

South Florida is not easy! We thought we were going to be cooking the whole time. Not all Joe's Oat Patties are as low fat as the breakfast sausage, but a bunch look good!

Nancy G said...

which flavor did you get? I was looking at the italian sausage for one.....I wish they had a keilbasa flavor!

Lex said...

I just bought the breakfast sausage, which was fantastic.

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