25 January 2011

Dr. McDougall's Asain Entrees are fantastic!

I recently read about off of Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Asian Entree
on the in the Dr. McDougall discussion forum.   Being recently on my own and w/o a kitchen I've been living off of Dr. McDougall's Soups.

The usual brain stems at Whole Farts told me they have been discontinued.  That is their favorite answer to any product request they don't know about since the general vibe I get is that they think they know everything...  Of course there are some glowing exceptions, especially the manager of my local store, who is awesome.  So no thanks to the team members what do I see on the shelf yesterday?  NEW Dr. McDougall Asian Entrees in 4 of the 8 flavors.  I fired up the Kung Pao and after I finished off the last slurp I saw the fill line...  its HALF OF THE CUP!  These are entrees not soup!!! DOH!  So here I am at 6am firing up the Spicy Szechuan Noodles for round two.  PS, these are just ramen so don't get too excited :).   They also share tips to add veggies, tofu or tempeh, which would be awesome.
Looks skimpy at first! 

The Sauce is designed to thicken up a bit, so its basically "ramen on a plate".  They are good.  High in sodium, but good!  Drink extra water :)


Tanya said...

hahaha!! I did that too the first time...I filled it up with water, like the soups. I think that's why I didn't particularly love it the first time around. I'll try it again, this time with the right amount of water! I love the soups though.

Unknown said...

That shit looks mighty delicious.

Anonymous said...

To make them even hardier I add those funky shirataki noodles (pat dry, rinse, heat seperately, add in and stir!)

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