23 February 2011

Fat Free Cupcakes that are moist and delicious!

So I recently had to surprise Kristin on her Birthday.  I had no time to try and make something and no kitchen either, but I found a blog post over at QG about a new bakery in Los Angeles that makes cupcakes with half the fat and half the sugar.  I emailed them and challenged them to make cupcakes with no fat and twice the sugar :).  What I got was beyond amazing!!!   The sweet, kind and extremely talented ladies at Half Baked whipped up the following chocolate cupcakes with a banana whipped with goodness in the center as a filling/frosting.

Yep as a healthy vegan you can literally have your cake and eat it, too :)
We went through two dozen of these at her party :)  I probably ate about six of them myself.  If you're lucky enough to live in Los Angeles give Half Baked Co a try and see if they'll make the Zero Bad Healthy Vegan Cupcakes for you.  I know we'll be ordering these for every bday from here on out!


Eco-Vegan Gal said...

Nice! Thanks for letting me know about this place.

Southern Belle of the West said...

Hey Kristin and Lex, QG just informed me of this sweet write up and here at Half Baked Co. we just wanted to say THANKS for the kind words!

Anytime you need more "Zero Bad Healthy Vegan Cupcakes"... just let us know ;) PS we will be making these exact same ones with a dark chocolate mint filling and green sprinkles for St Patty's Day!!!

quarrygirl said...

i'm so happy you got fat free vegan cupcakes! happy belated birthday, kristin! :D

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