03 February 2011

Fat-Free Vegan Queso!!!

I made a pit stop on some hardware store runs today at Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks and let me tell you they have the WORST supply of vegan food...  nothing healthy at all ready to eat so I grabbed a bag of my favorite fat-free unsalted corn chips and on my way to the salsa aisle I spotted the most amazing thing...  Nacho Mom's FAT-FREE VEGAN QUESO! ...  How can it be???   Nutritional Yeast, Rice Flour and an obsessed chef from Texas over at http://fatgoblin.com/ and Houston we have landed!  I ate half the jar on my way home, I'd have had more, but I couldn't get my chips down far enough :)  It comes in two flavors. 

Now if only my refrigerator had electricity!  I didn't get to enjoy the other half...  Fingers crossed that I'll have a working kitchen soon!


Cat said...

Never seen that brand at my WFM.
What kind of corn chips did you buy?

Lex said...

Woops, had the wrong link above to the corn chips http://www.thehealthyvegans.com/2010/10/oil-free-baked-tortilla-chips-by-la.html

Mina Azarnoush said...

Yay, I am SOOO excited about this, thank you for posting about this cheese!
Ironically, I am from Los Angeles, but go to school at UC Berkeley, so all the Whole Foods in Los Angeles carry this product, but none in the Bay area carry it :(
I am going to fill out a product request form for it at the Whole Foods in Berkeley, but I am so stoked that I also ordered some from an online store (I couldn't wait)
thanks for this great find!

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

This stuff is so amazingly awesome - and BTW.. it's probably not recommended, but it stays perfectly good OUT of refrigeration for several days (I won't tell you how long because I don't want to be responsible for someone being sick - let's just say I've sent it to my daughter in the dorm and she "didn't know" it needed to be in the fridge...)

quarrygirl said...

just bought this and the oil-free hummus you blogged about earlier at whole foods weho. STOKED!

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