20 March 2011

Hot Oil Free Soup on a cold wet day

I feel bad for the Los Angeles marathon walkers passing me by as I enjoy a healthy weight-loss meal at A Votre Sante.  They are soaking weight, covered in trash bags, cold, limping, crying and probably hungry.  A marathon is quite an unnecessary achievement, the body is given a beating on hard pavement that it was never designed to encounter.  For those who's goal is weight-loss there is a much easier way...  follow our low/no-fat lifestyle and eat until you are full while the excess pounds fall off.
If you participated in the marathon today, this is the best time to follow The Healthy Vegans.  Treat your post race/training increased appetite to plenty of weight-loss food so you don't pack back on all the fat you burned via the most difficult way possible.
I enjoyed a hot bowl of oil-free yellow squash soup and the Sante Garden salad = brown rice, greens, steamed veggies and oil-free cilantro lime dressing.


FruityFree said...

Whats your take on fruit? I usually find fruit much easier to digest than grains... is the key just keeping the fat away??

Jasmine said...

Hi! I love your blog. But, as a low fat/fat free vegan myself I have to say that I am also a marathoner. And as I ran by A Voltre Sante ( one of my fav's) I was starving, because I had just run 23 miles. I wasn't trying to lose weight or become healthier. I was running because it makes me feel amazing and accomplished. And although pavement isn't the ideal surface for the human body. We are a human race of runners. Before the car and the domestic animal, we ran. Ran to get places, ran to catch prey and ran because our bodies are designed for it.

Thanks for letting me have my 2 cents


Lex said...

Fruit is mostly sugar, and you are right sugar is more easily digested... but that's not a good thing. Our bodies are made to break down the long starchy chains in grains/potatoes/corn/etc into sugars and by eating fruit you're cutting out all that function which keeps our bodies in tip top shape. There are other reasons for not eating fruit as your main source of calories, but those are for you to google! The fat you eat is the fat you wear so if you just ate sugar(fruit) you would not gain any weight, but you'd miss out on a lot of weight loss because the sugar energy is instantly available making it harder to loose weight than a starch based diet

Lex said...

we never caught prey Jasmine :) we aren't that fast. Stick to the soft trails, that's where I run!

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