22 March 2011

***Updated*** Mission Potato... 4 down 3 to go!

So, not satisfied with paying $11 for a baked potato and steamed broccoli at a disgusting ritzy steak house. (Scoff at the price, but its probably the best potato I've ever eaten).    I hit up Yelp and decided to do some potato gutter diving...  lower my standards to rock bottom and go after the spuddy wonder whereever it can be found (in a 5 mile radius).

To go on this same mission from your own base, make sure to put "baked potato" in quotes like that in yelp.com's search.  Set the radius to walking/2miles/5miles and see what comes up!

#1. Reddi Chick
So little did I know that in the same complex where I get my vegan ice cream on (Sweet Rose) there is a family owned chicken crematorium and funeral company that lays to rest broilers in the arteries of what appeared to me the sickest walking corpses in Brentwood I've ever seen in my life.  Despite the gruesomeness the staff is incredibly polite and courteous.  I arrived at 7:30 and they only had one potato left!  They said that people come and  buy 4 to 6 each around 6pm!!! but if I call ahead they'd save some for me.  (really makes me feel bad about my chicken crematorium comment!)  It looks like the potato is alive and well.  I don't eat the skin for fear of salmonella...  $3.99 what a deal

#2. Salad Farm
Kristin hit up Salad Farm on her way home today and got this little guy for $6.45  It was easily twice as delicious as #1 and I didn't feel like I would die of cross contamination and went ahead and ate the skin.  The steamed veggie mix was actually really excellent with bits of celery added to it.

#3. Good Stuff Burgers
 I never noticed this place.  They actually have a hackable veggie wrap.  I drive by it every day.  $5~ for a baked potato with a few meager sprinkles of veggies isn't bad when I consider its next to two places I go every day.
#4.  BJ's Brewhouse.
  For what this potato has in size it totally lacks in flavor.  It was actually so bad it made me never want to eat a potato again.  It'll take some time to clear my palette before I can eat another potato.  This one was so expensive, almost $10 it wasn't worth a penny.  I learned a lesson, not all potatoes are good potatoes and the bigger they are the worse the flavor!  Also, any potato with brown spots is bad and should be thrown in the trash.


Cat said...

love this "mission"! Can't wait to hear about your experience in the other restaurants. Just wondering...do you use ketchup or anything on the potato?

Lex said...

Soup is the best topping! But if a potato is really good it needs NOTHING in my book, just a little sea salt on the skin. Hot sauce, organic ketchup, mustard, beans, salsa, chili, veggies, the potato loves all healthy company!

quarrygirl said...

L and K, can you please open up a baked potato shop here in LA like the one in edinburgh? how about a baked potato food truck? i will go in on it with you!

Lex said...

YES!!! http://www.spudbar.com.au/menu.html one of these totally vegan would do, too. We'd have to spend a billion $ convincing Los Angeles that potatoes don't make them fat, though...

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