04 March 2011

Mrs Winston Friday guess the weight?

I decided to join Quarrygirl.com in a Mrs Winston's post today.  Mrs winstons green grocery is far from a grocery store and actually a soup/sandwich/salad bar with three locations in Los Angeles.  The Water Garden in Santa Monica is my favorite with free validated parking.  The healthy options number in the 100s and on Friday if you guess the weight (its a pay by weight salad bar) you get your meal for free.  I still haven't won!
Here's my haul from today. Pasta Salad is my main, green spicy noodles, spicy bean salad, assorted veggies, no oil hummus and vegan pumpernickel bread toasted... vegan chocolate pudding for dessert.  8.42$  I guessed 10.04$  I guess I'm getting good at shaking off the water to save on weight!

1 comment:

quarrygirl said...

i have never been on a friday! damn, now i have a new goal in life. MUST. GET. FREE. SALAD.

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