13 April 2011

Fresh Corn Tortillas at Farmer's Choice

I've never seen a tortilla press in action until I random visit to Farmer's Choice on Pico (West of Bundy next to Trader Joe's).  Every day they make them from scratch 10 for $2.75.  They are made of just corn meal and lime.  They make every other corn tortilla taste like cardboard in comparison.

Farmer's Choice carries some really good fresh made whole grain sourdough bread from a Santa Monica bakery, too.  The juice bar there is nice, they'll grab what ever you want out of the store and juice it up.  The place is basically just produce.  Its an odd location next to Trader Joes, but its worth the visit for the tortillas.

3214 Pico Blvd 
Santa Monica California 90405

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