17 April 2011

Good Stuff at Good Stuff

In our search for a baked potato we ended up finding a little gem of a healthy restaurant that we must have passed 1000s of times in the past few years (its in between our storage locker and bank).  Good Stuff has four locations and focuses on healthy fresh food.  While we've only delved into baked potatoes and garden wraps, when we catch our breath I'm sure we can figure out more menu hacks to create truly healthy food.

The garden wrap minus cheese is simply brown rice and steamed veggies in a spinach tortilla with an amazing teriyaki sauce.  Wraps Los Angeles, where are all the freak'n wraps?  Here's an amazing one, those deceptively simple.


1903 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 477-9011

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