26 May 2011

Get a Vegan Bikini Body in 3 weeks!!


I had only 3 weeks to prepare for a size 2 bridesmaid's dress at BFF's wedding followed a trip to Florida for my other BFF's 30th Bday Bikini Bash.  Even though I'm already thin following my Healthy Vegan diet, it's impossible not to be, appearing perfectly toned and fit, as well, does take a little work.  Plus, to my old friends, my healthy lifestyle seems completely whack so I feel it's my duty to prove them wrong and make them a bit envious of my Healthy Vegan beach bod :D


1st: READ!  
The very FIRST thing I do when ever want to feel light & fit is skim through and refresh myself on the The Mcdougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss book!  It's the absolute BEST book for weight loss and super motivating!   In the book Dr. McDougall states for maximum weight loss you need to be eating mostly green and yellow vegetables, complex starches, and low sugar ...and of course no meat, eggs, dairy, oil, refine flour, added sugars, or any "rich" source of fat (ex. tofu, nuts, avocado, coconut, olives).  

The SECOND thing I do is scour the internet for workout DEALS.  For the last three weeks I've been all over the place (Burn 60, Yogaworks, Revolution Fitness, Kinetic Cycling, BarMethod) having fun, meeting new people, and getting fit for practically nothing thanks to Groupon, Moolala, DealOn and Gilt City.  Sign up on these sites to see if there's any local deals in your area :)  When I wasn't going to workout class I was walking around my neighborhood for over 1 hr 5 times a week.

3rd: EAT!
Here's a example of my daily diet.  I find when I'm in major weight loss mode its best to keep the menu simple and light.  Even though Lex bites off my head when I do, (he is most concerned about everyone getting ENOUGH good calories to be FULL) but I do keep a lose count of my calories in my head when I'm in bikini mode.  My train of thought is eat my BODY WEIGHT x 10 in calories per day...no less or I'll go into starvation mode and never lose a pound as my body holds tight to food for what it thinks is a FAMINE for SURVIVAL.

Erewhon Organic Instant Oatmeal

YOU MUST get Erewhon Organic Instant Oatmeal it's the best I found, with only 4 grams of sugar.  Then pile on the blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries since berries are low in sugar no harm done:)  A good rule of thumb is to keep your breakfast under 10 grams of sugar because anymore will increase your insulin levels and make you feel hungry when you're not!!

Hummus Tacos & Dr. McDougall's Asian Entree
I LOVE Fat Flush Tortillas!!!  They are full of fiber with only 80 calories and Zero Fat, plus they have a little nutty flavor.  I just pop them in the toaster (don't burn down the house) then spread Cedar's Fat Free Hummus and add bag lettuce with Whole Food's "Health Starts Here" Carrot Ginger Dressing.  If I'm still hungry after two taco I eat a Dr. McDougall's Asian Entree or Dr. McDougall's Soup.=)
Check out the NEW "Health Start Here" dressings by Cindy's Kitchen  @ Whole Foods!!!  Choose from Carrot Ginger, Tomato Basil, Fig Balsamic, Tangerine Vinaigrette, Pomegranate Vinaigrette ...Cindy is making salad fun again!!

Raw Veggies and Ceadars Fat Free Hummus

BEARITOS Organic No Oil Added Microwave Popcorn, Lightly Salted, 3-Count Boxes (Pack of 12) 

I followed my normal Healthy Vegans ways :)
Baked Potato & Steam Veggies ...Spice it up with some Tapatio Picante Hot Sauce ..I carry these in my purse..lol:D


Steamed Veggie, Brown Rice -minus tofu for MAX weight loss + lots of Bragg Liquid Aminos Spray and Sriracha Chili Sauce

RESULT: SKINNY HEALTHY & HAPPY ...W/ Lots of pennies left over to buy a new bikini and a sexy mini because eating this way is CHEAP :D :D :D


Gotta keep that Vegan skin looking' healthy too!! Don't forget you're...

  derma e Anti-Aging Moisturizing Complex, SPF 15, 2-Ounces (Pack of 2) Derma E SPF 15

Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30 1.70 Ounces Solar Protective Moisturizer by DeVita
...BEST NON TOXIC Sunscreen EVER...doesn't leave you chalky..lol:D


quarrygirl said...

dang, kristin! lookin' good!

i need to get on this bikini diet... :/

Unknown said...

I think its time you posted my before and after picks! use the white trash party one of me now. you will have ppl following your diet in no time!

Thomas said...

oh. my.


TripleAMom said...

What's in the tacos...looks like some sort of protein?

Lex said...

No fat hummus

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