19 September 2011

Bistro Madeline (Gibralter)

Well, we may not have a Madelines Bistro in Los Angeles anymore, but if you are over in Gibralter you can dine at Bistro Madeline
256 Main Street, Gibraltar (by Cathedral Square)
Gibraltar Gibraltar

We had a hard time finding it, but we asked a Cab driver where the organic place was and since GIB is such a tiny place they all know every inch of it!  (Its right where you hire the taxis to take you up the rock, just on a back street about four businesses down on the left). 

Vegetarian Menu
 Extra special no-oil plate of organic vegetables grown in Morocco.  The owner/chef cooked the rice with an amazing herb accompaniment.  The roasted red pepper was the sweetest I've ever tasted in my life.  (not a drop of oil).  Not only were these some of the tastiest veggies I've ever had, they were artfully arranged, as well.

Here's me on the rock of Gib looking out to the mountains of Morocco where the above meal came from!

Traveling while a healthy vegan opens doors and experiences and creates personal experiences in each local unlike you'd ever have any other way! 

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