09 September 2011

Healthy Options at Vegan Thai Restaurants

We all know them well...  Vegan Thai, Thai Vegan, Vegan Glory, California Vegan, LA Vegan, Vegan Joint, Vegan Vegan Smegan Vegan...   They are on every corner of Los Angeles, and a new one pops up every month or so.  Some scoff, others delight with the ever propagating availability.  Despite some of these restaurants being a little off key on what actually is vegan, if you skip the fake meats and fried bits you can score a really healthful meal.  

Thai Vegan
2400 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Now, yes Thai Vegan on Main St is also a massage parlor... but it has great free parking and is right across from Urth Cafe (good people watching).  Its is DIRT CHEAP!  The meal below was something like $15 for a TON OF GOOD FOOD! 

TON OF FOOD for CHEAP!  Steamed dumplings (make sure you order steamed and not fried)  veggie wrap minus the peanut sauce, brown rice and steamed veggies!  They have hot sauces / teriyaki sauce, and of course soy sauce.  (Yep that is a Thai Iced Tea in the corner I sucked dry before the feast even began!)

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