12 October 2011

Beet Sliders and Sweet Potato fries (Health Starts Here)

Occasionally Whole Foods gets it right with Health Starts Here!  Unfortunately, they continue to desecrate the idea behind Health Starts Here with TURKEY sliders (btw California is the largest turkey producing state, so I imagine there was some payola behind that BS).  For those of us who aren't into killing their customers with lies, they kindly made some really amazing beet sliders. 

They normally come with a side of Jicama sticks, but they were out and subbed OIL-FREE sweet potato wedges.  Let me tell you these were AMAZING!

I picked these up at Venice Whole Foods at the new Health Starts Here bar.  Again, not everything there is vegan, which is really distressing because I personally witnessed John Mackey (the ceo of whole foods) talk about Health Starts Here at the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend and if he'd had mentioned ANIMAL products would be involved we would have booed him off the stage.  His typical cop-outs are that each store is self managed and he only sends guidance, or that if he pulled animal products from Whole Foods the share holders would fire him.  Guide a little better buddy, and stop pushing death and disease on your customers.  A leader leads.

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