05 October 2011

My Main Squeeze (Road Trip'n Columbia, Mo)

28 S. Ninth Street
Columbia, MO 65201

I went to undergrad and law school in Columbia, MO.  My undergrad consisted of one extra value meal from McDonalds every day as my sole source of nutrition & my Masters (in San Diego) consisted of two tacos and a jumbo jack from Jack'n The Box.  Stretching my student loans to the max I would time my one meal a day out so I would have the least hours of hunger on $3 a day.  By the time I made it to the Law School I was fat, sick, going to sleep clinics for suspected narcolepsy and about to be tossed out.  I had been falling asleep in class for as long as I can remember.  Luckily I scored a copy of the The McDougall Plan and slowly switched from burgers w/o the meat or cheese (fry burgers) to dueling steamers, one with rice and the other with veggies.  During my 3L year I discovered Main Squeeze.  I couldn't believe that this deliciously healthy restaurant had been there all that time and I had been so blind and unknowledgeable about it.  The owner was always so kind and selective with all the ingredients (always a special veggie of the day).  Its been over a decade since I was a regular there and I take every chance I get to swing back by Columbia for really nothing other than Main Squeeze!  My off the plan indulgence are these coconut haystacks (still vegan), which will be my kryptonite until the day I die.   Luckily they are a good 1800 miles away from me. 

Garden Burrito brown rice, refried beans, (MINUS monterey jack), carrot, beet, sprouts, lettuce in a sprouted wheat tortilla, homemade salsa 7.75

Without Main Squeeze to go along with my The McDougall Plan I would have surely faltered.  In a state (country really) where being overweight is the norm and fast food begins at infancy having Main Squeeze made me feel somewhat normal and not alone at a very difficult time when I was on my own making drastic changes that have impacted my entire life in a wonderfully positive way.

coconut haystacks

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