20 October 2011

Healthy Vegan Road Trip'n : WaterCourse Foods Denver, CO

Road trips are challenging times.  Healthy food can seem 1000s of miles away.  With the help of Happycow App / Yelp App / Google Maps you can ALWAYS find something and 9 times out of 10 we find SOMETHING AWESOME.  On a rainy night we pulled into Denver soaked, cold and tired.  WaterCourse Foods has always been on my radar so we parked the truck outside and scurried in to find a wonderfully inviting restaurant. 

We were both super hungry and wanted to try the local vegan fare so we did our best to remove the fat from the most tempting menu items.  You can see our healthy hacks to the original menu items below in red & green.
The Maximus Burger (Heathy Hacked)
Homemade pinto bean and quinoa burger served on our kaiser roll and topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion and -special sauce. dry bun. sides of steamed veggies

The Grinder (Healthy Hacked)

Shaved seitan, -swiss cheese, FRESH mushrooms, onions, and peppers stuffed into a (dry) baguette without avacado and served with NO au jus.

Our server was very knowledgeable, but a little tipsy, as they had a large beer tasting event before we arrived.   The Grinder was the clear winner.  Both had not a drop of oil on them & he subbed for sauces that had oil. 

837 East 17th Avenue #103
Denver, CO 80218-1467
(303) 832-7313
Hours: Sun, Sat 8am–10pm; Mon-Fri 7am–10pm


The only difference between our items and how they are usually prepared is a bunch of grease.  I wager they taste better the fresh way we enjoyed them!  Never think you're missing out when healthy hacking!

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