08 November 2011

Oil Free Rice Milk & and little Holiday Soy Nog

I'm sure all my fellow Whole Foods Shoppers have noticed that SILK is being phased out of all Whole Foods locations because they no longer are using organic soy beans (possibly GMO) and instead using the shady "natural" label*.  WTG Dean Foods, I hope you dairy cow torturing & killing bastards ruin the brand and go down with it!  Enter Ryza & Earth Balance Soy Milks.  Now, I think Earth Balance fat spreads are the most unhealthy thing a vegan can put into their bodies, but they have assembled a team of insiders (from Silk) to continue the organic Soy Milk supply to Whole Foods. 
The nice thing about both of these new products is that they are low in fat and OIL FREE!  Ryza even makes a point in their FAQ to point this out!  It seems ALL OTHER RICE MILKS have OIL!  NASTY!  I'm surprised Earth Balance didn't glob in a ton...  Honestly, I think its a disgusting use of the Earth Balance brand.  I think I'm chugging a bottle of fat...  They should have just come up with a new name, its a disastrous brand extension.   I like the Soy Nog, however!
Ryza is my new "milk".  B12 / Calcium (don't know why they bother putting in Vitamin D since the only usable form comes from standing in the sunlight.)  WTG Canada, thank you!

Check out this clever new ad from the Dairy Industry.  What's in your milk?  They make seaweed look like a poison, lol.  I edited it up a bit since they left out the parts which are in cow's milk.

There's some truth in advertising that should make you vomit!  I have to applaud them for a super clever campaign!  Straight out of the Mad Men episode when the government cracks down on cigarette advertising health claims and Don Draper comes up with new components of Cigs to promote!  Milk is so poisonous they have nothing left to advertise so they have fallen to this bottom rung = attack their competition by trying to convince people that Carrageenan, a simple sea vegetable thickening agent is bad!  Anyone wanting to make their own nut, rice, soy milk at home can simply do it with a blender and strainer (1 part nut to 4 parts water) and know EXACTLY what's IN your "milk"!

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