24 October 2011

Low Fat Vegan Hummus No Oil No Tahini TONS of Flavor SANDWICH!

In an effort to be nourished on my epic 21.5 mile Santa Monica Mountain / Back Bone trail hike part (2) I decided that sandwiches over performance gels / sugar energy bombs / would be more appropriate since my muscles are filled with glycogen from this WOL (meat eaters and unhealthy vegans can't hang!) and I just want something light and tasty to enjoy along with the nature.  I hiked for 8 hours and saw amazing sites.  I never felt tired once, despite the endless 1000ft climbs.

The famous EAGLE ROCK.  Look close you'll see an eye and a beak!

Low Fat No Oil No Tahini tasty hummus sandwich.  (pictured with my red potato fat free potato chips)
This hummus is fantastic alone, as a dip, with veggies, etc!
  • 1 can chic peas (rinse and drained) [preferably Edun brand] 
  • 1 tablespoon of low sodium tamari
  • 1/3rd teaspoon liquid smoke (tiny tiny amount)
  • Half a lemon squeeze
  • sprinkle crushed red chili peppers (kind of over the top before mixed lightly)
That's it, blend in the food processor until smooth, add a little water along the way to get to your desired smoothness.
Add cucumber, shredded carrot and tomato to two slices of toasted whole grain no-oil bread and pack in a sandwich baggie for lunch or snack!

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