26 December 2011

Vegan Christmas Dinner from Stuff I Eat

With family in town, construction still underway, we hardly have time to inflate a blow up bed much less find holiday recipes, shop, test them out, cook it all up while preparing for and then entertaining out-of-towners!   We have been turning to Stuff I Eat's holiday meals for the last year.  Two ThanksLivings and one Christmas.  If you aren't lucky enough to live within driving distance of this Inglewood, CA vegan restaurant then definitely check HappyCow.net for vegan restaurants in your area that might offer special holiday take out meals!

Stuff I Eat is incredibly special and the best vegan restaurant in Los Angeles.  For Christmas they had a healthy vegan selection of black eyed peas, quinoa stuffing, collard greens, BBQ Tofu, sweet potatoes, mushroom gravy and a corn salad along with an amazing selection of salad dressings.  The dessert was a banana coconut mouse that was simply divine!  All prepared with no oil!  These delectable dishes were extremely satisfying and you can serve them to any non vegan to rave reviews! 


Arielle (Your Vegan Girlfriend) said...

So jealous you went here for xmas!! I LOVE it there!!!!

Lex said...

We picked it up togo and served it to our family that was in town, they of course LOVED IT.

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