02 January 2012

Happy Vegan New Year!

Its tough enough to figure out what to do on New Years Eve, much less what to eat?  We had Jeanette in town for NYE (a fellow healthy vegan & Pinterest healthy vegan promoter) and pulled up trusty old Nobu Restaurant out of a hat to appease her unhealthy date for the evening and us at the same time.
Nobu is a Japanese restaurant with many locations around the world.  Its pricey, but a once a year splurge (especially when the guilt stricken meat eater grabbed the tab!) on a night when everyone wants to do something fancy it hits the spot.  The waiters are extremely attentive and you don't even have to order, just tell them your restrictions and they'll come up with a course of dishes. 

We, of course, started with Edamame!  The first item to come was a fabulous thinly sliced Persian cucumber salad w/ a tangy oil free dressing.

The second item to come up was white asparagus in a yuzu sauce (citrus) with chili pepper that made it a bit too spicy for some at the table.

The next round was divine, roasted eggplant in lettuce leafs.  They were so juicy & savory I could have eaten the entire plate myself.

A marinated and roasted heirloom tomato sliced like an apple made for a very interesting and different dish.  I never thought of a tomato as the centerpiece of a dish!  It was enjoyable.  (Healthy Vegans will notice there are a few oil droplets in the surrounding sauce, but non got on the tomato!)

Our final dish, which we were all too stuffed to even finish was a hotplate roasted mushroom medley.

Happy New Year everyone and as this post should attest, you can be a Healthy Vegan anywhere and everywhere!  Join us in 2012 to look your best, the way nature intended you to be!


Worfie500 said...

"Over the past year and a half we have gone from "McDougaller's" (see drmcdougall.com) to Los Angeles super vegan food finders (see vegan-la.com) to over weight vegans in the span of only 5 months and then back to lower fat vegans and finally full circle to McDougallers for life.": first posting on the site. I'm looking at the photo and can't believe you(you two) were over weight. I'm glad you wrote you fell apart in only 5 months and gradually came back to a starch based low fat diet - your photo saids a lot more than words alone could - you both look fit and full of energy. Thanks for posting.

Lex said...

Thank you so much! One of these days we're going to post our pre-vegan photos where I have six chins!

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