02 January 2012

Don't poison yourself with a New Year Cleanse!

I'm sure everyone has heard about cleansing and many people want to start the New Year with a cleanse thinking foolishly that they'll shed unwanted pounds from holiday overeating or remove toxins from too much partying.   Cleanses are poisonous unhelpful injuries to our bodies.  Our bodies work perfectly to cleanse themselves all of the time, they do not need any help.  In order to restore health and balance to our lives we need to discontinue poisoning ourselves with a toxic high fat, high protein diet that humans in recorded history have never lived on.

Let your body do the cleansing it has evolved to do by eating the foods we have adapted to over millions of years.  Follow a whole food, plant based diet centered on the starchy fuels of civilization = rice, potatoes, maize, millet, yams, grains of all kinds.  Fruits and vegetables are simply condiments of flavor to a starch centered diet.

There are no short cuts to health, only hucksters bent on getting your money by offering you snake oils in the forms of supplements and cleanses at your financial and physical expense.  Starving yourself will only result in a toxic body hungry to add on more famine reserves (weight).

Eat until you are full on the Healthy Vegan diet and be amazed as you shed the weight nature never intended you to have and enjoy restored health and well being from simply eating the food nature intended.  Its a miracle...

1 comment:

Worfie500 said...

How true! I like the detox drinks and teas which are mainly intestinal irritants. After a good "blow out" of the pipes, people seem to think "this is really working"!

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